Atlanta Contract


The Gwinnett County Fairgrounds

2405 Sugarloaf Parkway

Lawrenceville, GA 30045

February 16-17, 2024


The Exhibitors Association (hereinafter referred to as "Show Management") is hereby requested and authorized to reserve exhibit space's) at the Event to be held at the . Atlanta Farmers Market To the undersigned (hereinafter referred to as "Exhibitor Applicant") and Exhibitor does hereby take from Show Management exhibit space at above said show subject to the rules and regulations hereinafter set out and upon following terms and conditions.

The Exhibitor Applicant hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, protect, hold harmless and save Exhibitors Association and the .Atlanta Farmers Market from any and all claims, demands, suits, liability, damages, loss, costs, attorney fees and expenses of whatever kind or nature, which might result from or arise out of any action or failure to act of the Exhibitor Applicant or any of its officers, agents, employees, representatives or assignees, including but not limited to, claims of damage or loss of property, loss, harm, injury or death to the person or any of the Exhibitor Applicants or any of the officers, agents, employees, representatives or assignees (exhibitor), and are encouraged to insure themselves against all loss and claims, and hold Exhibitors Association completely harmless from al claims and liabilities whatsoever. Further, the Exhibitor Applicant, agent, employees, or assignees shall not hold the Show Management or . accountable for or liable, Atlanta Farmers Marketing case of fire, water, earthquake and other Acts of God or any accident or loss therein related.

It is understood and agreed that this is an invitational show and that booths will be assigned on a first come, first sold basis, and that the Show Management reserves the right to assign Exhibitor Applicants to the best alternate location in the event your choice booth has been sold. We understand and agree to all terms, conditions, rules and regulations governing said show as set forth herein and on the reverse side, which are expressly a part of this contract/agreement. Exhibitor Applicant, by affixing signature hereto, agrees to pay the fee in full as described, and comply with all rules and regulations herein.


10' X 10' -INLINE S290.oo -$25.00 door prize =S265.oo with advance deposit S240.oo

CORNER BOOTH-$315 ea. -$25.00 door prize donation =$290 with advance deposit S265.oo

Iff x 20' I Corner & 1 Inline $550-$25.00 door prize donation = $500 with advance deposit $450.00

10' x 20' 2-Corners S575 -S25 door prize = S525 with advance deposit S475.00

10' x 30' 2 Corners-I Inline S800 -S25.OO door prize =S725 with advance deposit $650.00

10' x 40' - S900-S25.00 door prize = S800.OO with advance deposit $700.00

10' x 60' - $1300 -S25.oo door prize = Sli50.oo with advance deposit $1050.00

fee is $25.00 less per booth with a $50.00 retail merchandise donation for door prizes

Minimum of 1/3 of booth cost deposit must be received 30 days before show date to receive deposit discount


  Shiloh Molds/ Tim Hayes 479-409-4000

                                                                                                             20131 Groth Rd

Springdale, AR 72764

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Booth sizecost

Tables (1 with booth) X $10.00 ea.

Electricity Charges ADD

no charge

Total Booth Fee

LESS Donation Discount


LESS: 1/3 deposit required (30 day advance required for deposit discount)


                                                                 (on set up day of show)               




SUBLETTING: Exhibitor shall not permit any other person to use the space(s) assigned to Exhibitor, nor shall Exhibitor assign or sublet the assigned space(s), without the express written consent of Show Management. Having not given express prior written consent, Show Management shall have the right to refuse admittance to the other person and to prevent the use of the assigned space(s) by the other person. Exhibitor shall not be entitled to the return of any payment and Show Management shall not be liable for any damages arising out of that refusal.

  1. EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION: Show Management must receive payment no later than 30 days prior to show. Show packets will be available on setup day of the show beginning at 8:00 am. Each packet will contain two (2) badges. Additional badges will be available to Exhibitors on request. NO one will be permitted in the Exhibit Hall without a badge. Badges must be worn in plain view.
  2. HOURS: Exhibitors must be in place, ready for showing by 10:00 am. The show will be open to the public each day as follows: Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm & Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.
  3. PRODUCTS: Exhibitor shall utilize the space only for the display, demonstration or selling of the products or services listed on Exhibitor's application. Any additional products or services require the express prior written approval of Show Management. THERE WILL BE NO USED LTEMS/MERCHANDISE SOLD,
  4. EXHIBITS: Exhibits shall be confined, within the perimeter of the assigned space and Exhibitor shall have the right, subject to any limitations, contained in these rules and regulations, to arrange and design the exhibit in the manner that the Exhibitor deems best suited for the display, demonstration or sales of the products or services specified in this application. Backdrops shall not exceed eight (8) feet. Exhibits shall not produce excessive noise and shall not obstruct the view or interfere with exhibits of others. Exhibits shall not endanger the health or safety of persons attending the show. All materials used and installation shall conform to requirements of local, city, county and state codes and to rules and regulations of the operators of the exhibition building area. Electrical connections may require additional charge to Exhibitor. Exhibitor must supply its own electrical cords.
  5. MAINTENANCE: Exhibitor shall maintain a clean and orderly exhibit at all times during all hours of the show and shall take any steps that may be necessary to prevent injury or damage to any person or exhibit in the exhibition building and area.
  6. SIGNS: Exhibitor shall use professionally prepared signs. No signs or display material may be used by exhibitor anywhere in the exhibition building and area except in Exhibitor's space.
  7. SELLING: Exhibitor is restricted to selling from within Exhibitor's assigned space. If Exhibitor or any of Exhibitor's representatives is found floor selling or soliciting outside of Exhibitor's assigned space, Exhibitor will be first given a warning by Show Management of it's violation of the restriction on selling, and thereafter any violation by Exhibitor or it's representative will result in the violator being ordered to vacate the exhibition building and area immediately.
  8. SALES TAX: All vendors are responsible and required by Oklahoma Department of Revenue to have a resale permit.
  9. EXHIBIT REMOVAL: Exhibitor shall not dismantle its exhibits prior to closing hour ending the show without express prior written consent of Show Management. Exhibitor shall, at its own expense, remove the exhibits and all the Exhibitor's property and leave Exhibitor's assigned space(s) broom clean and in the same condition as when first occupied by Exhibitor.
  10. DAMAGES TO EXHIBITION BUILDING AND AREA: Exhibitor will beheld financially responsible for any damage to the exhibition building, fixtures, pipe and drape or area, caused by Exhibitor or it's representative.
  11. DEFAULT IN PAYMENT: If Exhibitor fails to make any required payment under this application by the date required, Show Management shall have the right to refuse or permit Exhibitor to take possession of its assigned space(s) and Show Management shall retain the entire amount previously paid by the Exhibitor.
  12. MANAGEMENT: Show Management shall have the right to assign unused space, whether assigned and paid for or not, but which is not set up during the special move-in time. With the judgment of Show Management, to incorporate additional rules and implement same, a $25.00 administration fee will be charged for all returned checks enforced by law.
  13. EXHIBITOR CANCELLATION: If, after being assigned exhibit space, Show Management receives from Exhibitor, more than 30 days prior to the Show, a written request for cancellation by Exhibitor, Show Management will retain $75.00 from Exhibitors payment, as an administrative expense, and will refund the balance of any payment previously received. NO REFUND will be made for requests for cancellation received less than 30 days prior to the show.
  14. SHOW CANCELLATION: In the event Show Management is prevented from holding the Show, or the Show commences and cannot continue, or Show Management cannot provide the assigned space(s) to Exhibitor, because of circumstances beyond the control Show Management, Show Management shall not be liable to Exhibitor except to the extent of returning to Exhibitor the amount of rental paid, less a proportionate share of the show expense incurred and Exhibitors Association and Show Management shall have no further obligation or liability to Exhibitor.
  15. SUPERVISION OF EXHIBITOR: Show Management shall have the right to require the cessation of any activity by Exhibitor and/or it's representatives and to require altemation or removal of any exhibit or portion thereof, which Show Management, in its sole discretion, considers to be illegal, or orderly conduct of the show, detrimental to appearance or conduct of any other exhibitor or of the show, or that may endanger the lives or safety of persons attending the show.
  16. Each booth will have an 8' backdrop, 1 table and I chair. There will be no side rails and the tables will not be draped. Each exhibitor will need to bring their own drapes for each table used. Additional tables will be available for an additional charge per table.
  17. MATTERS NOT OTHERWISE COVERED: Show Management shall rule upon all matters or issues not covered herein, regarding questions, disputes or problems and such ruling when made, shall be binding on both the Exhibitor and Show Managemen