#3236 Dog Bust Base Or Lid  7 1-2"

 #3236 Dog Bust Base Or Lid 7 1-2"

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#3236 Dog Bust Base or Lid can be used just like it says: as a base with the bust of your favorite pet personalized with his name or as a lid to our new rock box #3237

Together they make the perfect memorial container for your faithful companions cremation ashes*. A fitting tribute to the memory of such an important part of your family.

Use one of our dog busts or personalize it and apply a photograph of your beloved pet.

*Small to medium size dogs to 50 lbs.

7 1/2 inches (pictured with 2995 Collie Bust which must be purchased separately)
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You are purchasing a Plaster Mold for casting Ceramic Slip (Fired Product) or Li-Qua-Che (Non-Fired Product).